Ohio State Football: Confidence level against Missouri

Contributor Eric Boggs writes one final confidence level article for this season as the Ohio State football team squares off against Missouri in the Cotton Bowl.
The last time Ohio State played Missouri was in 1998.
The last time Ohio State played Missouri was in 1998. / Mark Lyons/GettyImages
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Offensive Confidence Level

It is being reported that TreVeyon Henderson and Emeka Egbuka will both be playing in Friday’s Cotton Bowl. If this indeed is the case, this will offer first-time starter Devin Brown a couple of key pieces of the offense that he can rely on. With the entire offensive line healthy and planning on playing, I believe Day will look to establish the line of scrimmage and use the running game as the catalyst to open up the passing game for Brown. Playing Egbuka in the slot beside tight end Cade Stover will give Brown a couple of reliable and experienced pieces of the offense in the passing game as well.

Only a couple of times this season under McCord did the offense click on multiple consecutive drives, and for the most part, it was in games against poor defenses. Against the better opponents, the offense seemed to stall out more than finish drives with touchdowns. This is why I am not worried about Brown taking over the reins at quarterback. It might not be better than when McCord was quarterback, but it can’t be worse.

As for Missouri’s defense, they are opportunistic. They like to take chances and cause chaos for their opponents which has led to turnovers. However, against the better opponents in the SEC this season, when they weren’t causing turnovers, their aggressive style left them vulnerable to big chunk plays.

If the Ohio State football team can be patient, stay ahead of the chains, and establish control of the line of scrimmage, eventually Brown can hit a big play or two, or Henderson can break off a couple of big touchdown runs. But that’s the question. Can the offensive line take that next step? My confidence level in the offense is at a six.