Ohio State football: Buckeyes lose another player to NFL Draft

Ohio State lost their first player to the NFL draft on Friday, and now they lose another first-round prospect because of the ineptitude of the Big Ten.

Wyatt Davis was the first Ohio State football player to opt out when he decided to prepare for the NFL Draft on Friday. He is projected to be the first guard picked in the 2021 Draft. I warned that other players could follow suit soon, and now a second player has done just that.

Shaun Wade has become the second player to opt out of the season. Wade is projected to be one of the top corners in the 2021 Draft and is a sure-fire first-round pick. We already knew he wouldn’t play if there was a spring season, so this is a bad sign.

To have two players opt out so close to each other tells me something. It tells me that the Fall football season just isn’t going to happen. The Big Ten continues to drag their feet on having a re-vote and seem like they are intentionally running out the clock at this point.

Davis and Wade are two of Ohio State’s best players. I would expect Justin Fields, Chris Olave, and Josh Myers to some of the other players to opt out soon. The Buckeyes have done everything they possibly can to keep their dreams of a Fall season alive, but it looks like its falling short.

At this point, it would be more surprising to see these players stay instead of leave. It’s also only a matter of time before a source comes out and tells us that there won’t be any re-vote at all and that the Big Ten’s decision to have a Spring season isn’t changing.

I’m not sure Buckeye fans will ever fully get over the lost opportunity of this season. I know I won’t.