Ohio State football still in limbo as Big Ten drags their feet

There was supposed to be a vote Sunday to decide the true fate of Fall football in the Big Ten conference, but one has not happened yet. The conference continues to drag its feet.

Ohio State has been doing everything they possibly can to get a Fall season going in 2020. Coaches, administrators, parents, and players have all tried to use their voices to make the conference change its mind on the state of football.

It was reported that the Big Ten was set to re-vote after having a meeting with a health subcommittee regarding COVID and its link to myocarditis in athletes. Apparently the meeting with the committee went well, but yet there still has not been any vote.

This is typical of the Big Ten conference. They have been dragging their feet every step of the way throughout this entire process. Whether it was about giving the public information as to why they canceled the season or what the status of the first vote was, the conference hasn’t been forthcoming about anything.

I would be very surprised if we learn any new information by the end of the day about a possible re-vote. If something was going to come out, it would have come out by now. If anything is going to happen, it likely won’t until Monday or Tuesday now.

It continues to be an extremely frustrating time to be a Big Ten football fan. Ohio State fans have been at their wit’s end, and there still is no definitive decision about the fate of the 2020 season.