Why the Ohio State football team can replace Alabama as king of college football

With Nick Saban retiring and multiple key players leaving in the transfer portal, it seems like Alabama's dynasty is over. Here's why the Ohio State football program can replace them and create their own dynasty.

Nov. 25, 2023; Ann Arbor, Mi., USA;
 Ohio State Buckeyes defensive tackle Mike Hall Jr. (51) holds
Nov. 25, 2023; Ann Arbor, Mi., USA; Ohio State Buckeyes defensive tackle Mike Hall Jr. (51) holds / Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch /

Alabama was king of college football for over a decade. They won six national championships during Nick Saban's tenure, including one over the Ohio State football program in the 2020 season. They truly had a dynasty and were the standard program that everyone aspired to.

Saban is now retired. Multiple key players left in the transfer portal this offseason. It seems like their run of being on top is over. Georgia has a pretty good chance to slide into Bama's spot as king of college football. Yet, Ohio State has a unique opportunity to take that spot instead.

It all starts with the 2024 season. The Buckeyes are built to win it all. They are going all in with the moves they made with the coaching staff and with the transfer portal. A defense that was already elite in 2023 will be even better in 2024. The offense should be revitalized with a new QB and Chip Kelly calling plays.

Ohio State's 2025 recruiting class already looks like it could be the best in the country. They have two five-star quarterbacks ready to fight it out for the starting job after Will Howard starts this season. The Buckeyes still have the best receiver room in the country too.

This season could be the start of a new dynasty in college football. The Ohio State football program has the NIL resources to stay on top for an extended period of time. Their players are motivated to win this season at a high level and regain that crown as the kings of the Big Ten.

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That kind of mindset will continue in future classes that come in too. If the Buckeyes win the national title in 2024, they could be set up to win multiple championships in a short amount of time. They could be the new dynasty.