Why it doesn't matter for the Ohio State football team if Jim Harbaugh stays or goes

Ohio State football fans are watching Jim Harbaugh's movements closely to see if he ends up leaving Michigan for the NFL. Here's why it doesn't matter one way or the other for the Buckeyes.
Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Ohio State football team used to dominate Jim Harbaugh. In the first six years he was at Michigan, he was 0-5 against the Buckeyes and canceled another meeting. TTUN fans were ready to run him out of town for failing to beat Ohio State even one time.

Then things changed. As we know, TTUN sent Connor Stalions to illegally steal signals. Michigan started beating Ohio State and has now won three straight. The problem lies in the most recent meeting when Harbaugh was suspended and all cheating had stopped.

Ohio State lost to interim coach Sherrone Moore. We know what happened after that. TTUN won a national title and Ohio State made a lot of moves in the transfer portal. Harbaugh has now taken interviews with multiple teams. But it doesn't matter if he stays or goes.

Moore will probably be the full-time coach if Harbaugh leaves and Ohio State has already lost to him. What they need to worry about is re-establishing a culture that elevates The Game ahead of all other games to every single player. That's something Ryan Day clearly hasn't done well enough.

The Ohio State football program will likely be ranked in the top three to start out the 2024 season. With all of the talent they have on their roster, they should. With a 12-team Playoff, they are virtually certain to make it unless they have a horrendous season. The focus needs to be on The Game.

Whether Harbaugh is still with TTUN or not, the Buckeyes need to focus on Michigan as a whole. They should be ready to take down the entire team, not just one coach who showed his gameday presence isn't that valuable.

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I feel confident right now the Buckeyes can do that, but we'll have to see once November rolls around.