Why didn't the Ohio State football team go to the transfer portal for OL help?

The offensive line was clearly the weakest unit of the Ohio State football team a year ago, so why didn't they try to upgrade it?
Sep 16, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes offensive lineman Josh Simmons (71) gets a
Sep 16, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes offensive lineman Josh Simmons (71) gets a / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The Spring transfer portal has pretty much come and gone for the Ohio State football program at this point. They lost a few players but didn't decide to add anyone. While they still have time to do so, they aren't looking to add anyone one to the one unit that could use some help.

That unit is the offensive line. As we know, that unit was the worst unit the Buckeyes had a year ago. Had it been better, the Buckeyes might have been able to protect Kyle McCord enough to beat Michigan and keep them from winning a national championship.

Instead, the unit got pushed around against the best teams on their schedule. That was true in both the passing and the running game. While Ryan Day did go into the transfer portal after the 2023 season ended to grab Seth McLaughlin, he didn't do anything in the Spring to improve the unit.

It was clear after the Spring game that the right side of the offensive line still needed improvement. There's still a battle at center going on too. Only one player has proven that he can be relied on up front and that is left guard Donovan Jackson. Everyone else is on notice.

So why didn't Day go into the transfer portal and try to grab more help? He seems to be confident in the unit that they have right now. He claims that Josh Fryar might be the most improved player on the team. Day also believes in Josh Simmons at left tackle despite being pretty bad a year ago.

Day also has too much faith in offensive line coach Justin Frye. Frye has yet to prove that he can develop or recruit offensive linemen. It seems that Chip Kelly has gotten into Day's ear to tell him how good Frye can be while Kelly is running the offense.


He better be right. This team is built for a national championship run. Poor performance by the offensive line is the one thing that can derail them from that.