Tommy Eichenberg brings his Ohio State football toughness to Las Vegas

The former Ohio State football player is now headed to Las Vegas to be a member of the Raiders.
Nov 4, 2023; Piscataway, New Jersey, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes linebacker Tommy Eichenberg (35) lines
Nov 4, 2023; Piscataway, New Jersey, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes linebacker Tommy Eichenberg (35) lines / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The Ohio State football program had two experienced linebackers for them in 2023. Both of their linebackers had played a lot of football even if they weren't the most athletic. One of those guys was Tommy Eichenberg, who was a tackling machine for the Buckeyes.

Eichenberg had 120 tackles in 2022 as a junior and added 80 more of them as a senior in 2023. He also played through some arm injuries that really hampered him. Had he not had those injuries, he could have been even more effective than he already was.

Eichenberg becomes the first of the two linebackers taken in the 2024 NFL Draft. He is taking his toughness to Las Vegas and becoming a member of the Raiders. He was taken in the fifth round by Las Vegas and will be someone who will contribute on special teams and early-down situations.

We know as Ohio State football fans that athleticism is the biggest problem for Eichenberg. He was the guy who Devonta Smith ran by for a touchdown that went viral in the 2020 National Championship Game. That wasn't his fault, but that was a video that stuck with NFL GMs.

The Raiders likely won't be starting him anytime soon. He still has some work left to earn playing time on defense. But he's an extremely hard worker so I don't see any issues with him making the team and contributing right away on special teams. He'll have to work his way up to getting snaps on defense.

This isn't a bad spot for Eichenberg to go to. He can work on his pass coverage and learn behind some good linebackers in Vegas. Those backers aren't so good that Eichenberg will never eventually crack the lineup though. He becomes the fourth Buckeye off the board.


I really liked what Eichenberg did for the Ohio State football program. I think Raiders fans will like him too.