Cade Stover reunited with his Ohio State football teammate in Houston

Tight end Cade Stover was a captain with C.J. Stroud in 2022. He was reunited with his former quarterback after being taken by the Texans in the fourth round.
Nov 25, 2023; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes tight end Cade Stover (8) catches a pass
Nov 25, 2023; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes tight end Cade Stover (8) catches a pass / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

Former Ohio State football player Cade Stover was in competition with Mike Hall as the second Ohio State player taken in the 2024 Draft. I always thought it was going to be Hall, and it was, but there was still a question. Stover ended up lasting until the fourth round.

That ended up being the best thing for him. Stover was drafted by the Houston Texans and he is now reunited with his former quarterback C.J. Stroud. Stroud is now the guy who will be throwing Stover footballs during his pro career as well, which has him pumped.

Stover proved that he is a great weapon as a receiver. He's not a great blocker, and Houston knows that. The Texans know that, so they won't be putting him in any situations that he can't handle in pass protection. On run plays, he likely won't be towards the side that they run to.

This is a really good spot for Stover to go to. He gets to go to a team that is up and coming thanks to what Stroud has already accomplished. They made the playoffs last year and are looking to do the same this year despite being in a very competitive AFC South.

Stover can be a great red-zone weapon. He's got a good catch-radius and Stroud knows that, so he just has to throw it up there and Stover will go and get it. Stover will excel in those scenarios, as well as third-and-short and fourth-and-short situations.

Stover shouldn't have any issues making the team unless his blocking somehow gets worse. That's what's holding him back from being a true top tight end. He can't keep guys engaged on the edge, which was a problem when he was with the Ohio State football team.


Stroud is happy to get Stover too. It's a good fit for both the team and the player.