Three things Ohio State football must do different in 2024

It's a new year which means the Ohio State football team needs to do some new things if they want to avoid the same old results. Here are three things they must change in 2024 in order to do that.
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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The Ohio State football team finished 2023 with a whimper after losing to both TTUN and Missouri in back-to-back games. In that last game against the Tigers, the Buckeyes scored a measly three points. It was the worst possible way to end the year 2023.

Yet, there have been a lot of disappointments at the end of years for this Ohio State football program lately. In 2022, the Buckeyes lost to Michigan again before falling to Georgia in the CFP semi-finals. In 2021, the Buckeyes failed to beat Michigan yet again and missed the CFP altogether.

Clearly, the Buckeyes have to do something new in 2024 if they want to avoid repeating these same results. There are three things that I have identified that must be changed for this to happen. Ohio State will have a whole offseason to implement these changes too.

1. The Ohio State football team must get a new offense line coach

I told you once the Buckeyes lost to TTUN that they needed to get rid of Justin Frye as the offensive line coach. The offensive line was the single biggest reason for both losses at the end of the year. It was particularly terrible against Missouri in the Cotton Bowl.

For some reason, Ryan Day decided to move Carson Hinzman out of the starting lineup at center (maybe because of his podcast?) and inserted Matt Jones in his place, and then moved Enokk Vimahi to right guard. Vimahi looked wildly outmatched and got beat on almost every play.

Yet, Frye had issues with the offensive line all year. Josh Simmons was an absolute travesty at left tackle and is the worst tackle the Buckeyes have had in years. Josh Fryar wasn't very good either. Donovan Jackson was the only offensive lineman who didn't consistently stink.

It's clear that Frye can't develop talent on the offensive line. He also can't recruit good offensive linemen. Sooooo what's left? If you can't recruit and you can't actually coach up the players you have, what are you doing on the staff? He needs to go.

The second thing the Buckeyes need to do is change their mentality.