Ohio State football has terrible offensive effort vs. Missouri in loss, shows several coaches need to be let go

The Ohio State football team came into the Cotton Bowl as favorites. The offense was anemic, the special teams were terrible, and it resulted in an embarrassing loss for the Buckeyes.
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

The Ohio State football team was trying to end 2023 on a high note. They were looking to vanquish Missouri in the Cotton Bowl and end the season with a win. They were favored to do just that against Missouri, ending the night as 4.5-point favorites.

It's funny that oddsmakers thought the Buckeyes could even score 4.5 points. They managed just three in this game as they lost 14-3 to the Tigers after an embarrassing offensive effort. It was the worst game Ohio State has played offensively since I can remember watching them.

Devin Brown got hurt early in the game, but he didn't look all that good when he was out there. He had just 20 passing yards before he hurt his ankle yet again. That left Lincoln Kienholz out there to try to lead the Buckeyes. Ryan Day refused to let him let it loose for some reason though.

Ohio State was relegated to just running the ball predictably because Day was afraid to throw the ball for some reason. Kienholz wasn't that good while he was throwing the ball, completing just 4/13 for 86 yards. But even so, why not let him try to throw the ball more? What do you have to lose?

The offensive line was terrible for the Buckeyes too. For some reason, Day decided to tinker with the combination and put Matt Jones at center and put Enokk Viamhi at right guard, and take Carson Hinzman out. That didn't go well. The offensive line was terrible all throughout the game.

Justin Frye showed why he doesn't deserve to be further employed by the Ohio State football program. So did Justin Frye after the special teams had another awful performance. This was the type of game that shows that Ohio State needs massive staff changes.

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It was a disgusting end to a disappointing 2023 season. The Buckeyes head into 2024 with no momentum at all and no answer at quarterback. It was the worst possible way to end the year.