Three reasons why Ohio State football fans should just relax

A lot of Ohio State football fans are not happy after the Spring Game. Here are some reasons why we all need to calm down.
Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch /

There’s been a lot of hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing from Ohio State football fans after the Spring Game. Here are three reasons why we all should just relax.

The Calendar

It’s April. Not August. April. There’s a long way to go and a lot that will happen between now and the season-opening game on August 31st. Will Howard will be the likely starter at quarterback and will improve on anything we saw Saturday. He’s had only fifteen sessions of on-field work in Ryan Day’s offense and will now spend the next few months continuing to work at gaining a better understanding.

Other issues will be solved as well. With the struggles we saw at right guard, I don’t doubt Day and his offensive staff will look to the transfer portal. Will there be another guy like Jonah Jackson who can come in and start right away? Regardless if they find someone in the portal or decide to go with someone already on the roster, this situation has 4 ½ months to be worked out.

The Schedule

For the first time in three seasons (I’m not counting the 2020 COVID season), the Buckeyes don’t open with a Big Ten opponent or Notre Dame. They’ll take on Akron, Western Michigan, and Marshall in their first three games. An open week between the second and third games means they won’t face anyone from the Big Ten until they play Michigan State on September 28th.

The most difficult thing about the meeting with the Spartans is it’s on the road. The Buckeyes will have the first month of the season to get everyone running in the right direction. So, the 4 ½ months I’ve mentioned now becomes 5 ½ months. That’s a lot of time to get things figured out.

The Roster

This team is not just loaded with talent, they’re deep and experienced. They understand how to approach a season and how to win. The importance of those things can’t be overstated. Also, this team is built to make a run in the expanded College Football Playoff.

A team that makes it to the championship will most likely be playing its 16th game. In order to do that, you’re going to need the type of quality depth the Buckeyes possess. Depth like this is a luxury few teams have.


Three reasons why we should all relax, enjoy the nice weather, and feel confident any issues we see now will be worked out in plenty of time before our favorite college football team plays a meaningful game in 2024.