Quick thoughts from the Ohio State football Spring Game

The Ohio State football team had their Spring Game on Saturday. Here are some quick observations on how things went.
April 13, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; 
Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Brendan Chramm (34) scores a
April 13, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Brendan Chramm (34) scores a / Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch /

We finally got here. The Ohio State football team played their Spring Game on Saturday afternoon under blue skies and sun. It was a great opportunity to see how the players have developed so far this Spring and see where the depth chart is at right now.

We'll do a more in-depth article later about who some of the winners and losers are from this game, but for now, I just want to give you some quick observations from the game. A lot happened in this game, so we have a lot to get to with this game.

The quarterbacks were something that Ohio State football fans wanted to see in this game. Will Howard was the starter and didn't play very much. When he was out there, he looked okay. He didn't blow me away or anything but he made smart decisions with the ball.

Devin Brown led a couple of touchdown drives and threw a touchdown pass. He looked better than I expected him to. Julian Sayin struggled at times and threw a pick. But he ended his reps with a strong drive. Air Noland started out strong and then ended the game with a pick in the end zone.

Lincoln Kienholz was clearly the worst quarterback out there. He threw two picks and looked lost out there. He didn't know where to go with the ball. Not only that but when he did decide where to go with it, he was late. It was about as bad of a performance as anyone had. There have been rumors about his impending transfer, so we'll see what happens.

The running game looked solid. Chip Kelly's play-calling got some more movement with the offensive line and got them moving downhill. The run-blocking was very solid even if the right side of the line had some issues in the passing game. Seth McLaughlin started at center and Carson Hinzman was at right guard.

This defense is going to be downright scary. They weren't even at full strength in the secondary and they still locked down this group of talented Ohio State receivers. Jermaine Mathews really stood out at corner, as did Davison Igbinosun. Ohio State might have the best secondary in the country.


It was good to see this team out there playing in front of fans. It was a great day for Ohio State fans.