The Ohio State football program has shown it is adaptable

The Ohio State football program has shown that it will not be left behind when changes arise. Their use of the transfer portal and NIL money shows they are willing to change with the times.

Dec 29, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Emeka Egbuka (2) tries to run
Dec 29, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Emeka Egbuka (2) tries to run / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

For the longest time, paying players was illegal in college sports. That doesn't mean that it didn't happen, it was just done under the table. With the introduction of NIL, that under-the-table payment doesn't need to happen anymore. The Ohio State football program is taking advantage of that.

Using various NIL collectives' help, the Buckeyes have been able to lure some great players from the transfer portal. Will Howard, Caleb Downs, Seth McLaughlin, Julian Sayin, and Quinshon Judkins have all transferred to Ohio State in recent weeks to join the Buckeyes' quest for a national title in 2024.

Not all programs around the country have adapted well to the new rules. Clemson, for example, has refused to use the transfer portal hardly at all. The result is a program that is now perhaps the third-best team in an increasingly-weak ACC. They have failed to adapt.

Ryan Day really had no choice but to adapt or die. He knows this is his last chance to get things right. He's gone all in and the fans have loved it so far. Nothing gets a fanbase riled up like adding top-level talent from the transfer portal. But games are not won in the portal or in recruiting rankings.

TTUN will have a new coach now that Jim Harbaugh has left for the Chargers. They will be taking a step back. Washington has a new coach as they enter the Big Ten as well. Penn State is...well Penn State. They'll win 9 or 10 games and still fail to beat the Buckeyes.

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Oregon is going to be the main competition for the Buckeyes in the Big Ten in 2024. Day has to be adaptable on the field as well, which is why he brought in Bill O'Brien. How well that hire goes could determine how successful this team ultimately ends up being.