Recap of all changes made by the Ohio State Football team since losing to Michigan

A lot has happened since the Ohio State team lost the last game of the season so here's everything that has happened since.
Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Everyone knows that the Ohio State football team has fallen short three years in a row to Michigan. Ryan Day knew that he needed to make changes if he wanted to beat Michigan next season because if he doesn't it might cost him his job. That's why he let Kyle McCord walk away and go to Syracuse.

Coaching Changes

Ryan Day should have given up on play calling a while ago, it said he would give it up but didn't. He instead kept the role and basically said what happens happens. But after the lost he knew play-calling wasn't his job and that it needed to be handed over. So what did he do? He hired Bill O'Brien, but then three weeks after the hiring he left for Boston College. So instead Day went after some he trusts, Chip Kelly.

Other changes were made too, he hired a coach who played at Ohio State who never lost to Michigan as an assistant for the linebackers, James Laurinaitis. He could help players understand better why the rivalry is so important to the team's new players. Then after running backs coach Tony Alford left for the same role at Michigan, Day went after Carlos Locklyn from Oregon. These changes are the ones that needed to be made.

Offensive Additions

As I said they let Kyle McCord walk, so for a while, there was a huge question mark sitting at the quarterback spot. After the Cotton Bowl, it got even bigger because Devin Brown didn't play enough to see if that's who we would want to start, and Lincoln Kienholz played pretty poorly.

So the Buckeyes picked up Will Howard who seems to be the starter for the 2024 season. Then they also added Quinshon Judkins so pair along with TreVeyon Henderson. Brought in 5-star freshman wide receiver, Jeremiah Smith, and added Seth McLaughlin to the line.

Also they have been able to bring in Julian Sayin and Air Noland so they will get a chance to battle it out for a starting spot in a year or two. This offense on paper is unstoppable, and they should play like it, but it all depends on how Chip Kelly plays it out.

Defensive Additions

A lot of the guys who could either play another year or enter the draft started saying that they were here for another year. So they will have a defense of almost all returning talent. And the best addition by far for the defense was pulling in former Alabama safety Caleb Downs from the transfer portal.

They also pulled in another safety from South Carolina recently, Keenan Nelson. Michigan was the only team able to score more than 17 points on the Buckeyes last season, but with 8 of 11 starters returning and pulling in a couple of players to fill some gaps, this defense should stop every team in their way.

It's clear that Ryan Day is finally stepping up and making some bold moves to prove that he isn't scared. He has made this Ohio State football team look like the Avengers and one of the hardest teams to stop this year.

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