Options Jim Harbaugh has and how it affects the Ohio State football program

Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan football team are facing violations, with this Harbaugh is going to face his options. Does he stay with this Michigan Football program or does he take his talent to the next level? What he decides affects the future of the Ohio State football program.
2023 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan
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Jim Harbaugh is receiving a Level I violation after allegedly providing false information during an investigation about recruiting infractions during the COVID-19 season. This doesn't even include the cheating allegations against the Ohio State football team and every other team TTUN faced in the last two and a half years. With this, I see it's possible he could move on from this Michigan program.

Jim Harbaugh has two options as I see it. Either he stays with Michigan or leaves for the NFL. Harbaugh had already faced a suspension early in this ongoing season, and now with this violation, and Michigan facing some more, it's possible he will leave.

If Harbaugh leaves he will more than likely go to the NFL. Where though? He has multiple options, with the Chargers, Raiders, Bears, or Panthers potentially being interested. All of these teams either have an interim coach currently or are most likely going to move on from their head coach.

The two most likely teams out of those four I see him are the Chargers and Bears. The Chargers recently fired their former head coach Brandon Staley. Many have said the missing piece of this Chargers team was a head coach, Harbaugh would be walking onto a team that has a young talented quarterback who has a decent wide receiver core, and a top 5 running back.

But, he could very well go to this Bears organization, currently this Bears team is in ruins. Ran by former Ohio State quarterback, Justin Fields, the Bears are fourth in their division and have a record of 5-9. Right now the Bears would own two picks in the top five, and with that, they could start a rebuild. Harbaugh however might want to go to a team in a slightly better situation.

Now it's still likely Jim Harbaugh will stay with Michigan. In the last couple of years, he has found success with their program. With this success, it would have to be hard to just walk away from this team regardless if you make more money or not in the NFL. I would not be shocked to find out Harbaugh stays in the situation he's in and tries to settle any more allegations.

What does all this mean for the Ohio State football program? Well if Harbaugh were to leave for the NFL, Ohio State would be put in a good position. The man behind the team who's beaten them the past three years would be gone, this could give Ohio State a better chance against them in this coming year.

If he stays however then Ohio State would be stuck in almost the same position they've been in for three years. They would need to find out how to finally beat this Wolverines team. But with the new 12-team Playoff next year, a loss like they had this year against Michigan wouldn't matter too much to whether or not they make the Playoff, like it did this year.

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What Jim Harbaugh ends up doing as of right now is a mystery, but what he does decide on doing will affect the future of this Ohio State football team.