Jim Harbaugh given notice of Level I violations

The Ohio State football program has had to deal with TTUN cheating in the last three years. Michigan and Jim Harbaugh just got the notice of allegations for one of their cheating scandals.
2023 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan
2023 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

One of the biggest disappointments of the Ohio State football season in 2023 was not beating TTUN. It was a chance for Ryan Day to show that the only way they could beat the Buckeyes is by cheating. They could have sent them back to the stone age as a program.

Instead, TTUN beat the Buckeyes and is now the number-one team in the country. They will be the ones playing in the College Football Playoff instead of the Ohio State football team. Even so, this season might be their last chance to have anything good happen for a while.

That's because TTUN has received a notice of allegations from the recruiting violations that happened during COVID-19. Jim Harbaugh has Level I violations for giving the NCAA false information. Remember, this has nothing to do with the sign-stealing scandal. This is a completely different issue altogether.

Between this and what will happen with the sign-stealing, there's a good chance that Harbaugh won't be coaching TTUN at all in 2024. He will either be suspended for the season or he will be coaching for an NFL team. Either is not good for Michigan and good for Ohio State.

I am interested to see how this process plays out. It may give us some insight as to how the NCAA might approach the Conor Stalions situation once that notice of allegations is given. We'll see what the punishment process looks like for this violation and that will give us a clue as to what might happen for the next set of violations.

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I still think there is a good chance that this season gets vacated for Michigan. That doesn't mean a whole lot to me though. Everyone remembers what happened in those games. Let's just hope that Alabama takes them down in the Rose Bowl.