Ohio State Football: Tracking the progress of 2023 Draft picks from the Buckeyes this season

There were multiple Ohio State football players taken in the 2023 NFL Draft. Now that the postseason has started for the NFL let's go back and see how each Buckeyes player did.
Seattle Seahawks v Tennessee Titans
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The Ohio State football program produces first-round picks every year. They will have at least one again in the 2024 NFL Draft with Marvin Harrison Jr. Now that the 2023 regular season is over, how well did the Buckeyes who got drafted last year do?

C.J. Stroud

Stroud was taken second overall in the 2023 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans. The Texans didn't exactly look talented or promising going into the 23-24 season. Despite that, Stroud was able to lead Houston to the playoffs, making it their first time in about 4 years. C.J. Stroud put himself in the MVP race until he got hurt at the end of the season.

Unfortunately, Stroud would get injured for a couple of weeks, setting his team back a bit. C.J. Stroud was able to make it within the top 10 for passing yards in the NFL, with 4,108 yards, placing him at 8th. He was also able to be tied for 13th for touchdowns, with 23. He ended the regular season with just 5 interceptions.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba

Jaxon Smith-Njigba has been looking like he will replace Tyler Locket, a Seahawk wide receiver, next season. Why? Purely because JSN has been playing his butt off the second half of the season. He continues to make some incredible catches that resemble the early years of Odell Beckham Jr.

Although not having the most impressive stats, with only 628 yards, 4 touchdowns, with 63 receptions, he has had an impact on the Seahawks. He has been one of the reasons why the Seahawks were in the playoff hunt until the very end.

Paris Johnson Jr.

Paris Johnson Jr. was one of the best linemen in College Football last year with the Ohio State football team. He got drafted in the first round with the 6th pick, by the Cardinals. He went to a team that really needed offensive linemen, so him being there was a huge help. He had over 1,100 snaps this year, and only had a combined 6 penalties.

Paris Johnson Jr. hasn't just been helping his NFL team, the Cardinals, he's been helping out the community as well, as he helped Swire Coca-Cola for a Summer Water Drive to distribute more than 8,000 bottles of water to benefit many people.

Zach Harrison

Zach Harrison was picked with the 75th overall pick in the NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons. Although the Falcons didn't exactly have the season they might have wanted, Harrison was able to have an alright season. Making 33 total tackles, and 3 sacks. While not at the top of any list, the 6-6 ft 272-pound defensive end is a guy who is there and ready to play every game.

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The Ohio State football program has produced some very good rookie players for the NFL in 2023. And with the likes of Marvin Harrison Jr. and Cade Stover being in the draft, we will likely see the same thing in 2024.