Ohio State football team loses a receiver to the transfer portal

The Ohio State football program lost a receiver in the transfer portal just hours before it closed.
Apr 15, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, United States;  Ohio State Buckeyes cornerback Ryan Turner (29)
Apr 15, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, United States; Ohio State Buckeyes cornerback Ryan Turner (29) / Joseph Scheller/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The transfer portal closed on Tuesday night and a flurry of players from across the country put their names in. It was the final time a player could transfer until the end of the 2024 season. A few Ohio State football players entered their names in the portal right before it clsoed.

Ohio State lost a backup offensive lineman in it. They also lost a linebacker who had just transferred in and never even saw a game in the Shoe. The final player who decided to enter the portal before it closed was backup receiver Kyion Grayes. He was the final Buckeye to enter the portal.

Grayes leaves after just two seasons with the Buckeyes. Over those two seasons, he recorded a stat in just one game. He caught one pass for two yards against Toldeo back in 2022. Other than that, he really hasn't done much. He's decided to search for playing time elsewhere.

When Grayes was recruited, he was a four-star recruit out of Arizona. The problem is that he came into a loaded receiver room. Not only was it loaded in 2022, but last season as well. Incoming five-star freshmen only made the room more crowded and competitive.

It's probably for the best that Grayes transfers. He is still a talented receiver and I believe he can get playing time with a Power 4 program. He just needs to go to a program that has less pressure on the 2024 season and a roster with fewer proven guys who have produced.


This doesn't hurt the Ohio State football program at all in terms of their depth. They probably had too many receivers anyway. The receiver group is the one position group that Ryan Day doesn't have to worry about replenishing. Brian Hartline is the best in the country at doing that.