The Ohio State football team is losing an offensive lineman to the transfer portal

The Ohio State football team is losing a piece of depth on the offensive line to the transfer portal.
April 15, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, USA;  Offensive linemen Zen Michalski (65) and Enokk Vimahi (66)
April 15, 2023; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Offensive linemen Zen Michalski (65) and Enokk Vimahi (66) / Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch /

The Ohio State football team hasn't lost a ton of players to the transfer portal this Spring. A lot of guys have decided to run it back and try to win a national title with the Buckeyes. Ja'Had Carter did decide to leave for the portal recently though, ending his brief Ohio State career.

While Ohio State hasn't had a lot of players leave the portal, they also haven't added guys. In fact, they haven't added a single player this Spring since the portal window opened. They might need to now because they just lost some depth along the offensive line.

Enokk Vimahi has decided to enter the transfer portal after playing five seasons with the Buckeyes. He was never quite able to crack the starting rotation. A couple of seasons ago, he was fighting for a starting guard spot, but obviously wasn't able to win the job.

Vimahi has decided that he wants to go somewhere to possibly get some playing time. He clearly wasn't going to get any with the Ohio State football team this season. I don't think he can trnasfer to a P4 program and start right away, so he's going to have to move down a level.

With this being his last year of eligibility, he has to go somewhere that he can start just strictly based off his talent, not his production. He really doesn't have any production to speak of. He could go to a lower-level MAC school and compete this Fall, or possibly in the Sun Belt.


It'll be interesting to see where Vimahi ends up. If he starts somewhere else, it would be the first time he's started in his collegiate career. We wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up. He is a good kid who just never could quite get over the hump with the Buckeyes.