Ohio State football: One big lesson they can learn from Michigan

The Ohio State football team sat at home while their rivals won a national championship. There's one big thing the Buckeyes can learn from TTUN to help put themselves back on top in the rivalry.
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State
Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Missouri v Ohio State / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

If you look at the recruiting rankings, the Ohio State football program is always near the top. They haven't had anything worse than a top-five since the 2019 class when they were transitioning between Urban Meyer and Ryan Day. They clearly get some of the best players from around the country.

Now look at Michigan. During that same time span, TTUN's highest recruiting ranking was 8th. Their worst was 17th. Yet, they are the ones who are celebrating a national championship win instead of the Buckeyes. Why is that the case if Ohio State is always getting better players?

Coaching is the reason. TTUN has done a much better job of developing its players than the Ohio State football program has. Despite their recruiting rankings over the years, Michigan has their players playing to their full potential, and in some cases, outplaying their perceived potential.

That is the biggest lesson that Ryan Day and the Buckeyes can take from their rivals. Coaching matters. You can have all of the five-stars you want on the team, but they have to be coached properly. It's clear that Ohio State has struggled with that over the past three years.

That elite talent will get you to the College Football Playoff once every three years as a baseline. You need coaching to push them over the top to get to that next step. Ohio State hasn't done that. Perhaps they are going to try to start fixing that now that they've made a staff change.

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Until the coaching either gets better or changes completely, the Buckeyes are going to keep falling to TTUN and against elite teams in the CFP. 12 teams now get into the Playoff. Ohio State better be ready to face some good teams in order to make it to a national championship.