Ohio State football parts ways with a coach and it's not the one you're thinking

The Ohio State football program has made its first coaching change by parting ways with a coach, but it's not the guy you're thinking of.
Penn State v Ohio State
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The Ohio State football team needs to make some coaching changes. That much is clear based on how they finished the season. Ryan Day needs to make changes to ensure his own survival after the 2024 season. He just made his first staff changes this offseason.

Day has decided to part ways with Perry Eliano, the safeties coach. Eliano was hired a couple of years ago and was at the end of his two-year contract. He was brought in at the same time as Tim Walton who has clearly done a better job with his job that Eliano has.

The safeties were not good in 2022, his first year on the job. Big plays were a massive issue for the defense the whole season. A lot of that was because of the safeties. That issue was fixed this season, but it wasn't enough to keep Eliano on staff. He will be searching for a new job elsewhere.

I know Ohio State football fans were expecting changes with the staff, but this wasn't the first coach who was supposed to get fired. There's a guy leading the special teams as well as the offensive line who also deserves a pink slip and who were more egregiously bad at their job.

It remains to be seen if those changes will be made. I do know that the fans won't be satisfied until they are. The Buckeyes will have a wealth of talent on the offensive side of the field next year so they need to do the best they can to maximize that talent. Day is doing the same on the defense.

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A search for a new safeties coach is starting immediately. We'll see where that leads, but Jim Knowles is going to find a guy who can run his system. I'm sure they'll find someone relatively soon.