Ohio State football: Lane Kiffin needs to mind his own business

It seems that the Ole Miss coach isn't a fan of what the Ohio State football program is doing in the transfer portal and is throwing out articles with misinformation in them on social media.
Dec 30, 2023; Atlanta, GA, USA; Mississippi Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin after a victory against
Dec 30, 2023; Atlanta, GA, USA; Mississippi Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin after a victory against / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Ohio State football program has utilized the transfer portal better than any other program in the country so far this offseason. They have added two quarterbacks, including the number one QB in the 2024 recruiting class, an elite offensive lineman, and perhaps the best safety in the country.

It's no secret that NIL money has helped the Buckeyes in their endeavor to add all of these players to the roster. Ohio State knows that they have to use every possible resource at their disposal if they want to be better than they have been in each of the last three seasons.

It seems that Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin is not a fan of what the Ohio State football team has been able to accomplish. He tweeted out an article that had some misinformation in it in regard to recent efforts to get all of this talent.

Ohio State did not spend $13 million in NIL money to get those recent recruits. Ryan Day mentioned a while ago how much money it was going to cost to field the team that they need in order to keep current players, get new recruits, and add players from the transfer portal. In fact, Ohio State reportedly spent just $10 million to field their entire team.

Kiffin has utilized the transfer portal a lot since he's been at Ole Miss. Also, NIL money is perfectly legal. If he wants to field a team with some of the best talent, this is what it takes now. For better or for worse, this is what the sport of college football has become. Day is just adapting.

Truth be told, Ohio State is going to be spending even more in NIL money once Ross Bjork takes over as AD in July. Future Buckeye teams are going to be spending a ton of cash to get the best talent that they can. It's up to the coaching to develop the talent and keep them happy.

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Perhaps Kiffin should mind his own business and focus on winning a conference championship, something he's never done at the Power 5 level.