Ohio State football: Kyle McCord seems to have found a new home

The Ohio State football team will have a new starting quarterback next season because Kyle McCord entered the transfer portal. It seems that he has found himself a new home.
Ohio State v Michigan
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The Ohio State football team will need to find a new starting quarterback for the second straight season. That's because Kyle McCord decided to enter the transfer portal at the end of the season. It's been rumored that he left the Buckeyes because he wasn't guaranteed the starting job next season.

Regardless of why he left, McCord will be playing for a new college football program next season. He took a visit to Nebraska and decided not to go there. There is a report out there that McCord has found a new home though, and it's in the ACC instead of the Big Ten.

There is a report that McCord will be transferring to Syracuse. If that is the case, McCord will be going to a program that has had a lot less success than the Ohio State football program. He will have fewer expectations at a program like that though, which might be something McCord needs.

If he does end up at Syracuse, then there is no possibility that he will face the Buckeyes next season. Syracuse is not a College Football Playoff contender and that would be the only way in which these two programs would face off. That is of course unless the Buckeyes completely crap the bed next year and play in some non-discript bowl game.

Despite how McCord played this past season and some of his actions since the season has ended, I still hope nothing but the best for him. I do think he's good enough to start at a Power 5 school, even if that school doesn't have any real shot at winning a national title.

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As far as what Ohio State is going to do next year, they seem to have made that decision based on their inaction in the transfer portal. Buckeye fans are in for a wild 2024.