Ohio State football haters continue to make rumors about recent transfers

Many Ohio State football haters are making rumors about two new transfers possibly transferring out of Columbus, right after they shed their black stripes.

Jan 30, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State University football transfer Quinshon Judkins talks
Jan 30, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State University football transfer Quinshon Judkins talks / Doral Chenoweth / USA TODAY NETWORK

This past month there has seemed to be rumor after rumor of possible chances of recent transfers Caleb Downs and Quinshon Judkins, possibly transferring back to where they came from. I believe Ohio State football haters are only doing this to try to create conflict in the Buckeyes' locker room.

There have even been actual reports about some of these rumors.

The same day Judkins lost his black striping, officially becoming a Buckeye, his mother, Teva, came out and shut down the rumors of him returning to Ole Miss for Lane Kiffin. She posted on Twitter, “He wants to come back (laughing emoji) (laughing emoji) !?!? Can we celebrate losing the black stripe in peace! Go Bucks,”

Then the Caleb Downs rumors have been going on for a couple of weeks, many Alabama fans were saying that Downs would do the same as former teammate Kadyn Proctor. Do they really believe that Downs only came to Ohio State just to collect some NIL money, then leave? No, he came to the Buckeye because he wants to win.

Here are some tweets about Caleb Downs apparent return.

Some Ohio State fans have fired back to these rumors by turning it into a joke.

These Michigan fans and Alabama fans really need to quit these things because it's not working. No matter what rumors they want to make, this Ohio State team already knows that each and every one of them is locked in and ready to go win the Natty this year.


The Ohio State football team will continue to ignore these rumors and will keep preparing themselves for the season. Spring practice is the time when they can really get better individually, so that's where their focus lies. This is the work that can help them win a national championship down the road.