Ohio State football vs. Missouri: Official prediction

The Ohio State football team plays its final game of the year tonight. Will they get the win? Or will they end 2023 with two losses in a row?
Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

We have finally reached the end of the college football season for Ohio State football fans. The Buckeyes have one final game left tonight against Missouri in the Cotton Bowl. It's not the game the Buckeyes want to be playing in, but it's the one they got.

Despite a rash of transfers, most of Ohio State's key players from this year should be playing this game. As of right now, the only one who probably won't play is Marvin Harrison Jr. Everyone else seems like a full-go at this point, which is key for a quarterback who is making his first start.

Speaking of that quarterback, Devin Brown gets an opportunity to lock up the 2024 starting spot with a big game in 2023. If he goes out and rips up the Mizzou secondary, he could end next year's quarterback battle before it even begins. I'm not quite sure that will happen though.

I expect him to do pretty much what Kyle McCord did all year. He should play fine. He might have a couple of touchdown passes and throw for 200+ yards, but he won't shred Missouri. I do think the run game will be excellent though and Brown will certainly help with that.

TreVeyon Henderson could have a big game in this one. He's had a nice rest period and should be fully healthy heading into this game. Expect him to have over 100 yards and maybe even 150 yards on the ground if the offensive line keeps up its end of the bargain.

Official Prediction: Ohio State football 28 Missouri 24

Ohio State isn't a high-powered offense. They will lean on the defense as they have all year to get the win. I don't expect them to completely shut down Cody Schrader and the run game of Missouri, but they will do enough to get the win. This defense isn't one of the best in the country for no reason.

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Expect the Buckeyes to end 2023 on a high note.