Ohio State football: Devin Brown is a different kind of football player

The quarterback decided to stay with the Ohio State football program and compete. That's a lost art in today's college football landscape.
April 13, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; 
Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Devin Brown (33) hands off to
April 13, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Devin Brown (33) hands off to / Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch /

The Ohio State football program kept all five quarterbacks after the Spring transfer portal window closed. All of them decided to stay and compete for the job. It's surprising considering that Will Howard is the favorite to win the starting job after transferring in from Kansas State.

Let's talk about Devin Brown though. Brown is a rare kind of Ohio State football player. Most kids in his situation would have looked in the portal for a better opportunity for playing time. Somewhere that would have been easier to win the starting job at. Nope. That's not him.

Instead, right after the end of last season, he announced that he would be staying with the Buckeyes this season. He thinks that he can compete for the starting job and beat Howard out. While I may not think that's the case, he absolutely has the right mentality.

Brown has become a rare breed in today's college football landscape. He's one of the few guys that stays loyal to his school and his own abilities to win the job. He's not afraid to compete for his minutes instead of having them handed to him. Brown truly thinks he's the best QB on the roster.

I respect the heck out of Brown for that. Even if he doesn't end up winning the job this year, he has a shot to win it next season. He would be the quarterback with the most experience in the offense, although it's a little bit different now that Chip Kelly is running things.

Brown deserves admiration from Ohio State football fans. Even if he doesn't win the job this season, his mentality should be celebrated. He's not afraid of competition. Because he's so competitive, he's going to raise the ceiling of every other quarterback in that room.


It'll be interesting to see how the competition plays out this Fall.