Ohio State football could pursue some Michigan players who hit the transfer portal

The Ohio State football program has done some good things in the transfer portal since the season ended. They might try to pull some players from their rivals if those players end up in the portal too.

Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Ryan Day has fully embraced the transfer portal this offseason. The Ohio State football program is in a significantly better spot than they were a couple of months ago because of it. Adding a couple of quarterbacks, an offensive lineman, and an elite safety will do that for you.

Ohio State has pulled players from programs all over the country. They have taken players from Alabama, Kansas State, and Ohio. They might be about to take players from another program here soon. That program is Michigan, which just had its 30-day transfer portal window open up with the departure of Jim Harbaugh.

If you think "Why would a player at Michigan ever transfer to Ohio State?", it's happened before. The most prominent example in recent years is guard Justin Boren transferring for a year to help the Buckeyes back in the 2010s. That ended up working out quite well for them.

TTUN has plenty of players whom the Ohio State football program would love to get. Offensive lineman Zak Minter, cornerback Will Johnson, and running back Donovan Edwards are just a few guys they would love to have on their team in 2024 should they become available.

Do I believe that any of those guys would head to Ohio State after multiple years at Michigan? I doubt it. None of those guys know what it's like to lose to Ohio State, which is sad. But I do know that they all want to win another title and the Buckeyes are going to be as good of a team as any next season.

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While adding quality players would be great, just having them leave TTUN should be enough for the Buckeyes. They only have a few spots left on their roster now anyway, although that should change once the Spring rolls around. It'll be interesting to see if they reach out to any Wolverines who enter the portal.