Ohio State football a lot more active in the portal after Cotton Bowl

The Ohio State football team has been a lot more active in the transfer portal after their embarrassing loss in the Cotton Bowl. Will they actually fix their problems? Or are they all talk and no action?
Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

It's hard to remember a more disappointing finish to an Ohio State football season in the last 15 years than this one. They got beaten by TTUN for the third straight year before only scoring three points in a loss to Missouri in the Cotton Bowl. To make matters worse, TTUN is playing for a national title.

After that embarrassing loss in the Cotton Bowl, it seems that the Buckeyes have been more active in the transfer portal. Will Howard is visiting the Ohio State football program to possibly fix their quarterback issue for next year. It seems like that is pretty much a done deal.

Now the Buckeyes are also looking at an offensive lineman. Remember that center who was having all kinds of issues snapping the ball for Alabama? Yeah, that's the guy who's taking a visit to Columbus. His name is Seth McLaughlin and he is actually a pretty good blocker.

The problem would be if Day is trying to get him to play center. The Rose Bowl wasn't the only game where McLaughlin had issues snapping the ball. Simply put, he would be a great get as a guard and a terrible get as a center. I'm all for adding him if he plays guard because the offensive line is a dumpster fire.

Ohio State is clearly being more active in the portal now that the season is over. Does that mean they are going to fix their problems on offense? Or will they be all talk? To be honest, I'm not sure. I'm not that excited about adding Howard but at least he has experience.

Who knows if they will actually be able to get McLaughlin as a guard? They are still in a scholarship crunch so it's not like they can add a ton of guys from the portal. That's especially true if a number of guys who are rumored to come back actually do decide to return.

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We'll keep you up to date if there are any official commitments. I'm still dubious there will be even a handful of them.