Minnich's Musings on the now former Ohio State football players & The 2024 NFL Draft

Patience will be crucial for both the former Ohio State football players and Ohio State fans this weekend.
Marvin Harrison, Jr.
Marvin Harrison, Jr. / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

"He who can have patience can have what he will..." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Before I proceed, I want to thank all of the now former Ohio State Buckeyes who are eligible for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft my sincere thanks for all that they did for the Ohio State football program, and I wish them the best of luck as they move forward in their respective endeavors at professional football. I am looking forward to seeing where you all land after this coming weekend, and that focus will be the subject of next week's article ( a little shameless preview never hurt anybody).

Dr. Franklin's words of wisdom are going to be easier said than practiced this coming weekend, as the 2024 NFL Draft will begin on Thursday evening at 8 pm ET, and will conclude sometime on Saturday afternoon by around 5 pm ET. After the NFL Draft concludes, there is usually a mad scramble by teams to sign available undrafted free agents throughout the Saturday evening hours.

The reason I suggest that Dr. Franklin's words urging patience may be easier said than in practice is based upon most NFL Draft prognosticators, suggesting that Ohio State's crop of players in this year's draft will probably be selected more so on Day 2 (the second and third round) and day 3 (the fourth through the seventh rounds).

It can become quite challenging for anyone who has competed at the high levels of play that these now former Buckeyes experienced in their respective college careers to simply wait for a call from an NFL team.

A case in point (below) is former NFL star quarterback Tom Brady. This video clip from "The Brady 6", and I highly recommend watching it if you have never done so, illustrates how deep and painful the NFL Draft experience can be. Please keep in mind that this short video clip was made after Brady had already won numerous Super Bowls, and was well on his way to an eventual spot in The Pro Football Hall Of Fame...

My unsolicited advice? I would suggest going the route that former Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas took back in 2007.

Instead of going to New York City, as one of the NFL's invited players, Thomas decided to go fishing with his father. His logic was that it would not change where or when he was drafted, and he could spend some quality time with his father, doing something that they both loved.

I can already hear you now..."Minnich, what if they don't want to go fishing?". I think you may be missing the point. Considering most of the Ohio State contingent, with the notable exception of the pictured Marvin Harrison, Jr., are (probably) not going to be picked on Day 1, it may be better to go somewhere else with a loved one, a fully charged phone for when the eventual selection by a team is made, and just relax. In my estimation, a packed house or apartment for a draft party would only add to the frustration and anxiety of the moment. Just offering up some ideas.

Can You Refresh My Mind On Which Ohio State Players Are In The 2024 NFL Draft?

Sure. Marvin Harrison Jr. has already been mentioned and should know his NFL home by the end of the first hour. Considering each team has ten minutes between selections, and there are numerous rumors about possible trades within the first five picks involving quarterback selections, Harrison could be the first non-quarterback selection in this year's draft.

Other notable former Buckeyes in this year's draft include DT Michael Hall, Jr., TE Cade Stover, LB Tommy Eichenberg, S Josh Proctor, G/C Matthew Jones, LB Steele Chambers, WR Xavier Johnson, and RB Miyan Williams. All of the aforementioned former Buckeyes were invited to this year's NFL Draft Combine, and I will be hoping that my hometown NFL team, the Cleveland Browns, will wind up with as many of them as possible by the conclusion of this year's NFL Draft.

Patience is not only a virtue but a necessity when it comes to the NFL Draft. Here is to hoping that the former Buckeyes will rely upon the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin as they begin the next chapter of their respective football careers, and use that wisdom to have what they will within the professional ranks.