Former Ohio State football player Master Teague III; A man of great faith who keeps winning

It wasn't that long ago that former Ohio State football player Master Teague III was hearing Buckeye fans chanting his name at Ohio Stadium. Now he is sharing his experience as a Buckeye of faith with everyone in his new book.
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Former Ohio State football star running back Mater Teague III isn’t bashful about his beliefs. So much so that he was encouraged to write about his faith and the experiences he had while on Ohio State’s campus as a football player. The results of that encouragement have produced Teague’s first book, titled: The Power of Community at The Ohio State University.

Teague, who joined me and my co-hosts on The OHIO Podcast this past Sunday evening, admitted that he didn’t grow up reading much. However, since being motivated to share his own experiences while in Columbus, Ohio, he has begun to read more, you would have never guessed that Teague wasn’t an avid reader based on his first attempt at becoming a published author.

To watch the full interview, feel free to watch the YouTube video provided below.

Teague’s experiences while on campus at Ohio State were impactful. Whether he was carrying the rock, or carrying his Bible, there was always a purpose and a goal in mind. Now that Teague is no longer walking the Oval between classes, his purpose has changed slightly. That doesn’t mean his experiences are any less valuable, however. In fact, it was those experiences that he had while at Ohio State that can now help the next generation of future Buckeyes and students all over the country who are preparing to become college students.

“I didn’t just want to come out and share my story per say, even though my story is in it (the book.) I wanted to touch base on something that was an issue, or a problem, or a concern for a lot of people who are going into college who are believers or are Christian. A lot of people fall away when they get to college. They get around the wrong people. They don’t choose their friends wisely; they are not intentional about that gift of faith that they have. I’ve been blessed by the grace of God to be surrounded by the right people. So, I didn’t just keep my faith but flourished in my faith while in college. I hope that people can take away from that, that yes, they can stand firm on their beliefs.”

If you would like to read about what it was like for Teague to be both a football player and a man of faith while at Ohio State, I encourage you to pick up a copy of his book. You can do so by visiting Teague’s site. There are several different options, including a signed copy from Teague himself.

Oftentimes as fans, we never see beyond the young man wearing the jersey. When they take off their helmets and pads, and remove the scarlet and gray from their identity, who are these people we spend money cheering for? There is zero doubt about who Teague is. He is a man of tremendous faith and purpose. A man who believes that he makes an impact not just between the lines, but outside of the hedges as well. And for him, even though it was wonderful to hear hundreds of thousands chanting his name while in the Horseshoe, he gets even more joy out of hearing one broken-hearted homeless man saying, “Thank you,” for lending him a helping hand.

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As for Teague’s future, he is training and hoping for an opportunity to further his playing career, possibly in the newly formed United Football League which combined the XFL and USFL. If there is one thing I am positive of, whether Teague plays another down of football on television ever again or not, his story isn’t over. It is just beginning.