Former Ohio State basketball player seen at Michigan Spring Game

A former Ohio State basketball player took a visit to Michigan over the weekend and was at their Spring Game on Saturday.
Mar 26, 2024; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes guard Roddy Gayle Jr. (1) shoots over Georgia
Mar 26, 2024; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes guard Roddy Gayle Jr. (1) shoots over Georgia / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The Ohio State basketball program has lost four players to the transfer portal. Most of those guys were bench guys. Only one starter has decided to leave the Buckeyes. That player is Roddy Gayle. He was promptly replaced by Meechie Johnson, who returns to the Buckeyes after two years away.

Gayle is a good player but it's someone who is better than Johnson, specifically on the offensive end of the court. Had Gayle stayed, he might have been relegated to the bench. You can't fault him for wanting to go somewhere else to make sure he can be a starter.

What you can blame him for is one of the other programs he is taking a visit with. Gayle was seen at Michigan over the weekend taking a visit. He was sighted at Michigan's Spring Game. That is one place that Ohio State basketball fans would not be okay with him transferring to.

If Gayle did end up going to Michigan, he would be going to a program that is rebuilding. That team finished just 8-24 last season. Failing to win ten games as a Big Ten program is flat-out embarrassing. The Buckeyes were even better than that when Chris Holtmann was still in charge.

Gayle would be one of Michigan's best players if he did decide to head to Ann Arbor. It would mark something of a betrayal though. He would have two more years of eligibility. It would be a different circumstance than when Andrew Dakitch transferred to Ohio State from Michigan with just one year left.


Perhaps Gayle takes a look at how bad Michigan's Spring Game was compared to Ohio State's and decides that they don't care about sports as much as Buckeye fans do. Gayle will certainly schedule visits with other schools. He just has to know that he will not be celebrated when he comes back to Columbus if he transfers to Michigan.