Does the Ohio State Football Team have a harder home or away schedule?

The Ohio State Football team will have a decently hard schedule as it is ranked 32nd in strength of schedule.
Ohio State Football Spring Practice
Ohio State Football Spring Practice / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

The Ohio State football team has always had a pretty easy schedule during the regular season, playing some low-end teams in the beginning and then going to play Big Ten teams. Most of the time the teams aren't that good minus one marquee opponent. But then they would go on to play usually a better team in a bowl game. That's how it always is, and this year isn't a lot different.

Here's what their 2024-25 schedule looks like:

Most of the games will be played at home They don't travel until Week 4 where they will be heading to East Lansing, Michigan to play Michigan St. The rest of their away games will be Oregon (Week 6), Penn State (Week 9), and Northwestern (Week 11).

Which of these schedules will be harder home or away I feel like this is a pretty easy question. Look at the home games, first 3 weeks are cupcake games, then from there they only really have Michigan in the last week and then Iowa in their 5th game. The hardest game of the whole season is easily Oregon which they will be traveling to.

The away schedule, despite only having four games, is for sure harder of the two. The hardest game of the whole season is easily Oregon, which they will be traveling to, and then the same with Penn State, which is known to be one of the tougher places to play at sometimes.

With having to play Oregon on the road, it could end up being tough to beat them. In preseason rankings, they have been ranked fairly close to the Buckeyes. But with the roster that Ohio State has made they should still be able to pull out a win at Eugene.

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Either way, the Buckeyes are going to try to win as many games as possible.