Air Noland says that he is excited about the Ohio State football QB battle against Julian Sayin

Air Noland and Julian Sayin are both very good quarterbacks who will likely be battling to see who leads the Ohio State football program in 2025.

Oct 27, 2023; Fairburn, GA, USA; Langston Hughes Panthers quarterback Air Noland (1) against the
Oct 27, 2023; Fairburn, GA, USA; Langston Hughes Panthers quarterback Air Noland (1) against the / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Air Noland committed to the Ohio State football program, fans have been excited. He's a really good and athletic quarterback. Then Julian Sayin committed. Both are very good at what they do, and both will probably have good futures. Air Noland says he can't wait to battle against him. He also stated that they both already and will continue to make each other better players.

Air Noland had a really good senior season at his high school, Langston Hughes School. He makes the right reads and is super athletic. That's what Ryan Day saw too. But when the number-one overall quarterback in the 2024 class comes to you, you just have to take that chance. Which is why Ohio State now has two talented young quarterbacks.

During this offseason, the regular season, and next offseason they will probably be trying to one-up each other trying gain more trust with all coaches. Whoever ends up winning will probably become Ohio State's quarterback for two to three years, with the other most likely transferring to a school that will give them a better chance to get drafted into the NFL.

I do like that Noland isn't afraid of the competition. If he wasn't he wouldn't have committed to the Ohio State football program in the first place. The Buckeyes get some of the best quarterback talent in the country ever recruiting class. Both of these guys are at the top of the 2024 class so it's harder to figure out which one is better.

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Like I said both are outstanding quarterbacks, and I can't wait to see them come into some of the games this year, and in two years I'll be happy with either of them at the starting spot. It's up to them to battle it out and figure out which of them is going to be the better quarterback.