A rumor why EA Sports gave Ohio State a bad showing in the College Football 25 trailer

The Ohio State football program didn't have a great showing in the College Football 25 trailer. There's a rumor floating around as to why.
Ohio State Football Spring Practice
Ohio State Football Spring Practice / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

Every Buckeyes fan by now knows they were insulted in the College Football 25 trailer. They were shown getting stiff-armed by a Michigan player, had Illinois hoisting the Illibuck (a trophy they get if they beat Ohio State), and then right after showing Illinois they showed Kyle McCord in his Syracuse jersey. Many smaller schools got at least one good moment of them shown in this trailer, while the only good thing Ohio State got was a one-second clip of Brutus.

Ohio State is ranked to be one of the best teams next year, so why show them in such a bad fashion? Well, one of the rumors out there is that a large portion of the team making the game graduated from Michigan. Of course, there is no solid proof out there, that's just a rumor that has been floating around.

I mean the game does seem to show a lot of Michigan. One of their players is on the cover and the trailer shows them holding up the National Championship they cheated their way into getting. It's a possibility, but it also seems to me like it could be a bit unlikely.

This just goes to show the disrespect Ohio State gets, but it doesn't matter. They don't need to be shown playing well in a trailer to actually play well on the field. That's their focus heading into this season. It will be fun to actually be able to play with the real players for once though.

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We'll see how well the Buckeyes play this season. If they win the national championship this year, maybe they'll have one of the more prominent athletes on the cover in the standard edition of the game next season. Their goal should be to play well enough where that happens.