Ohio State Football: Former five-star OSU recruit commits to UGA

The Ohio State football team did have the first and second-ranked players in the 2024 recruiting class committed to them at the same time. Jeremiah Smith, a receiver, is still committed to the program even though he is still taking visits. Dylan Raiola, the top-ranked recruit, is not.

Raiola de-committed from the Buckeyes just a couple of days after Smith committed. He’s been visiting a bunch of different schools over the past few months. Now, he has made a decision on where he will be committed to for now. That school is Georgia.

Georgia now gets the number-one player in the country right after they lost their starting quarterback for the past two seasons. They are back-to-back national champions and now continue to kill it on the recruiting trail. It’s a big win for them, for now.

I say for now because these commitments are never over until that recruit signs his LOI. He was committed to the Ohio State football program at one point and then obviously decided to de-commit. The same thing could happen again, this time to Georgia.

If he does stay there, he makes them a lot better. He’s a really good quarterback. Ohio State has long moved on though, having landed Air Noland as their quarterback for the 2024 class. Noland has done quite well at the Elite 11 and looks like a stud.

Ohio State lost both Quinn Ewers and Raiola in the span of three seasons. We’ll see if either of those quarterbacks ends up regretting their decisions in the next couple of years. We won’t know how good either one of them is until at least this season.

I do wish Raiola nothing but the best. Of course, if the Buckeyes play the Bulldogs again in the CFP I want him to crash and burn and throw seven interceptions if they meet in a couple of years.