Ohio State Football: The Shoe named one of the most famous stadiums

An aerial shot of Ohio Stadium taken on June 17, 2020.Ohio Stadium Dciii 13
An aerial shot of Ohio Stadium taken on June 17, 2020.Ohio Stadium Dciii 13 /

The Ohio State football program is one of the most storied programs in college football history. That comes from the tradition of winning that they’ve built, along with having one of the best crowds in college football. They also play in one of the best stadiums in college football.

Whenever Ohio State football fans enter the Shoe, they want to document the great time they’re having. In the old days, that used to just mean a quick cell phone photo. Now, that means posting those photos on Instagram. Almost everyone has an account now.

Ohio Stadium is the 15th-most Instagrammed stadium in the country, according to information gathered by OLGB. This makes sense when you consider that over 100,000 people pack the stadium 6-8 Saturdays every Fall. Those people are going to want to show others where they’re at.

This number also isn’t just for the United States, this is across all of North America. That includes stadiums in Canada and Mexico as well. Simply put, the Shoe is one of the most famous stadiums in the world. Ohio State will certainly be using numbers like this in recruiting packages.

One of the perks of playing for the Buckeyes is being able to play in Ohio Stadium in front of 102,000 fans. College football players want to play in the best environments possible, and this is certainly one of those places. The Shoe is part of the reason Ohio State is great every year.

Hopefully, this home-field advantage can help the Buckeyes win all of their games next season. Unfortunately, none of their toughest games are at home. They play both Notre Dame and Michigan on the road next season, although they do get Penn State at home.

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All I know is that I love going to Buckeye home games!