Ohio State Football: Buckeyes have top 10 toughest schedule next year

The Ohio State football program prides itself on scheduling some tough games. The Big Ten is a tough conference on its own, but the Buckeyes like to have a premier non-conference game as well. In 2022, that non-con game was a home game vs. Notre Dame.

Next season, they travel to South Bend to take on the Fighting Irish. Because that game is on the road, it gives them the tenth-hardest schedule in 2023 according to 2022 winning percentage. Only one Big Ten team has a tougher schedule and that’s IU. That’s because they have to face Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State all in the Big Ten East.

That’s not an ideal schedule to have when you’re replacing your two-time Heisman Finalist quarterback and most of the offensive line. The good thing for the Ohio State football team is that they don’t have to face Notre Dame until the fourth game of the year.

Having some time before taking on Notre Dame gives the Buckeyes a chance to work out some kinks on offense as well as see if the secondary can be any better. Other than Notre Dame, the non-conference schedule before that game is pretty tame.

After taking on IU on opening weekend, they play home against Youngstown State and Western Kentucky. None of those three games should be threatening to them. Ohio State does have to go to Purdue and Wisconsin though as part of the Big Ten West crossover teams.

Going to Purdue has been a house of horrors for the Buckeyes in recent years. Camp Randall in Wisconsin is no picnic either. That’s one of the hardest places to go and win in the entire country. Of course, the hardest game of the year is at the Big House.

It’s way too early to figure out how the Buckeyes could finish next season, but it could be a rough go in 2023.