Ohio State Football will match up with Georgia in College Football Playoff

It’s been a long, strange week for the Ohio State football team. It seemed like the sky was falling when the Buckeyes lost to TTUN last Saturday. The Buckeyes looked like they were going to miss the College Football Playoff after falling to 11-1 on the season.

Then this week happened. Ohio State needed one of two things to happen. Instead, they got both of those things. USC got blown out in the Pac-12 Championship by Utah on Friday night, which solidified Ohio State’s CFP spot. Then TCU lost on Saturday and that further solidified it.

The only question heading into Sunday was where the Buckeyes would be ranked and who they will match up with in the first semifinal. The question was whether or not the Buckeyes would play an immediate rematch with TTUN in Arizona or take on Georgia in Atlanta.

The Ohio State football team will take on Georgia in the semifinal of the College Football Playoff

It looks like the Buckeyes will take on the defending national champions in a de facto home game for the Bulldogs. Georgia is ranked number one in the rankings, while Ohio State is ranked fourth. TCU was able to maintain their number three ranking despite losing on Saturday and will take on Michigan.

My guess is that the committee did not want to have an immediate rematch between Ohio State and TTUN. That is a precedent they have already set when the SEC has gotten multiple teams in. It’s not that surprising of a move, even if I think the Buckeyes deserve that third spot.

For Ohio State, it doesn’t really matter who they play first. If they want to win a national title, they would likely have to beat both TTUN and Georgia anyway. They just have to play the better team first, which is a bit of a bummer.

We will spend the next few weeks breaking down this matchup. It’s going to be a fight unlike the Buckeyes have ever had.