Can the Ohio State basketball team still sign Bronny James?

LeBron James and his son Bronny at the Ohio State, Notre Dame game.Ohio State-Notre Dame 0903
LeBron James and his son Bronny at the Ohio State, Notre Dame game.Ohio State-Notre Dame 0903 /

The early signing period is done and over with for college basketball. The Ohio State basketball team welcomed four new guys into the fold earlier this week. It’s a top-five class with just those prospects in the class and it’s the second straight top-ten class Chris Holtmann has brought in.

One noticeable name that did not join the class in the early signing period is Bronny James. You may remember that he made a visit back in September to check out the program. He is, of course, the son of basketball legend LeBron James and is currently a four-star recruit.

Wednesday was just the early signing period. Signing day isn’t for another several weeks. There are prospects still trying to decide on where they are going, including James. Do the Buckeyes still have a chance to land the son of a legend who loves the program?

Is it realistic for the Ohio State basketball program to sign Bronny James?

It’s realistic, but work needs to be done to open up a scholarship. Right now, the Buckeyes are bringing in four freshmen next season. That’s after Holtmann brought in five freshmen this season, none of which are projected to be one-and-done prospects.

That would mean that there isn’t room for anyone else on the team. Justice Sueing, Tanner Holden, Isaac Likekele, and Sean McNeil will all be gone. The four incoming freshmen from the signing period would take their spots, leaving none available for Bronny.

The only way the Buckeyes are able to open a spot is if Zed Key decides to leave after this year for the NBA. He’s played well so far in the first two games, but he needs to show he can consistently knock down threes and block shots if he wants that to be an option.

The only other way Bronny could find a spot is if Holtmann decides that one of the walk-ons is no longer needed. That would mean Owen Spencer or Colby Baumann would no longer be a part of the program. I’m not sure Holtmann would do that.

In my opinion, if Bronny wants to come to Ohio State I think Holtmann should let him do it. Sign him and figure out the rest later. It would be exciting to see him try to develop with the rest of this really good freshman class that just signed.

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We won’t know for a while whether or not this happens, but we will certainly be keeping our eyes on it.