Ohio State Football: Ryan Day’s worst week of his career

The Ohio State football team is sitting at home today instead of playing for a Big Ten Championship. They are sitting at home because they lost to TTUN in a game that wasn’t really close. That was just the start of Ryan Day’s worst week of his career as a head coach.

After the loss, things just kept snowballing on him and they haven’t stopped. He lost an opportunity to hire Marcus Freeman as defensive coordinator before he got the head coaching position at Notre Dame. Now a pair of players have entered the transfer portal.

We knew Jack Miller was going to transfer, so that wasn’t a big blow. What is a huge blow is Quinn Ewers leaving after just one year. Day lost the best recruit in program history. That’s a massive blow for the team, even if C.J. Stroud is supposed to start for the next two years.

Today we also learned that Craig Young has decided to enter the transfer portal. That’s three transfers from the program in less than a week, and two were from the same position group. That’s not an ideal week right after you lose to your rival.

How Day responds to this week will define the rest of Ohio State football coaching career. He could either crumble and let himself spiral into a worse version of Larry Coker, or he can rise up and take the adversity head-on and come out of this week stronger.

Only time will tell how Day and the rest of the Buckeyes handle this week. We will find out as soon as the bowl game, whenever that is. That will be the first test of how Day responds to the rash of transfers and backlash from losing to TTUN. I can’t wait to see how he responds.