Ohio State Football: Chris Olave is the TTUN killer

The Ohio State Football team had perhaps the most impressive win that anyone has had all season long when they beatdown Michigan State 56-7. It was a score that no one saw coming, including myself. Chris Olave was an important part of that victory.

Olave had 7 catches for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns. He had his best game of the season right before he plays the team that he plays his best against. TTUN has yet to find an answer on how to stop Olave in two games that he has played against them.

Everyone remembers back in 2018 when Olave was a freshman. In that game, Olave blocked a punt that ended up being returned for a touchdown. He also caught two touchdown passes en route to a big Buckeye victory that ended TTUN’s CFP chances.

The next year in 2019, Olave once again showed up big. He had 2 catches for 68 yards and a touchdown in yet another win against TTUN. In two games he’s played against them, Olave has been responsible for four touchdowns, including the blocked punt in 2018.

Olave would have been a big part of last year’s game too if TTUN hadn’t been cowards and canceled the game. Expect him to once again be an integral part of Ohio State’s gameplan offensively. There’s no way TTUN can stop all three of Ohio State’s great receivers, so Olave should get plenty of targets.

The Ohio State Football team prepares for TTUN year-round, so we know they’re going to come into this game fired up. There’s a lot at stake for both teams, so it should be one of the most intense games that both teams have played all year.

If there’s one piece of good news for TTUN, it’s that this is the last time they’ll ever have to face Olave. He can’t hurt them anymore after Saturday afternoon. But I would expect a lot of pain to be inflicted by Olave and the rest of this Ohio State offense on that day.

I already want it to be Saturday so I can watch this game!