Why Ohio State Football will beat Michigan again this year

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This offseason, Michigan has been getting some love as potentially upsetting the Buckeyes, but there is no reason the Ohio State football team will lose to The Team Up North.

Recent media views have shown the Wolverines as a new team with a changed attitude that is capable of defeating the Buckeyes. This viewpoint is the same love the Wolverines seem to get every year, but once again there is nothing to indicate an actual change. The Ohio State football team has dominated Michigan for the last two decades and with the recent margin between recruiting classes, it does not look like that margin will get closer anytime soon.

But still, each offseason starts a new round of reasons and ideas for why The Team Up North will finally end their drought. Each time the author seems to look past history and reach deep into wishful thinking about why the gap between Ohio State and Michigan will shrink enough to give the Wolverines a chance.

Even this year there is no talk of the teams being equal, but merely the Buckeyes being susceptible to an upset. Ohio State will not lose to Michigan this year, and here are the three biggest reasons why there is no way that happens.

The first reason has to deal with the offense of the Buckeyes and how proficient it can be.

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