Ohio State Football: TTUN can no longer chicken out of The Game

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh during his postgame Zoom.Harbaugh 2
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh during his postgame Zoom.Harbaugh 2 /

After using COVID as an excuse to not play the Ohio State football team a year ago, TTUN won’t be able to use the same excuse this year without facing some repercussions.

Last year was the first time that The Game was not played since 1899. That’s a really long time for the Ohio State football program and TTUN to not play a game. That ended up happening in 2020 after TTUN decided to not play after using COVID as an excuse despite having enough players to play.

They won’t be able to do the same this year unless they want to face some repercussions. The Big Ten has come out with a policy, just like other conferences across the country, that states if a team can’t play due to too many COVID cases, they have to forfeit the game.

TTUN didn’t have those consequences hanging over their head when they canceled last season. With that possibility in mind now, they are going to have to sit there and take their 100-point beating. There’s no way they will cancel The Game now, especially with vaccines widely available.

Ohio State will finally be able to play their rivals once more. The only shame is that they got screwed out of beating them at the Shoe last season. Because of that, there will be two straight games in Ann Arbor for this rivalry. That just doesn’t seem fair to me.

In any case, the Buckeyes are in good shape to be able to play that game. Ryan Day said that most of his team will be vaccinated, so they are in good shape to not miss any games this season due to failures within their program. All of his players know how important that is.

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I know there are a lot of games to look forward to this season, but this is the game that I am most excited to see. My hatred for TTUN is almost as high as my love for Ohio State football. I can’t wait to watch the Buckeyes smash their faces in yet again.