Ohio State football: Will Johnson chooses TTUN

The Ohio State football team was a finalist for the five-star cornerback, but in the end, he decided to go to TTUN and spurn the Buckeyes.

It was a decision that was expected. The Ohio State football program was hoping for a miracle but didn’t get one. William Johson, the five-star cornerback from just outside Detroit, spurned the Buckeyes and instead decided to stay home and attend Michigan.

Johnson is a good prospect and the Buckeyes would have loved to have had him in their program. But this was a move that they fully expected. Johnson had been indicating that he was going to stay in his home state for quite some time. It would have been a surprise to see him come to Columbus,

Sure it hurts to not have the fifth-best cornerback in the country. But Kerry Coombs is an excellent recruiter and will still have plenty of time to grab some other top cornerbacks. The secondary is what needs the most work in this program, and they are trying to right that ship.

Ohio State still has the number one recruiting class in the country for the class of 2022. They are way ahead of everyone else in the recruiting rankings at this point. There is still plenty of time for other programs to catch up to them too, but the Buckeyes have gotten a good head start.

The Buckeyes are still happy that they got a commitment from today on the offensive side of the ball, so they will be celebrating that. This commitment for their rival certainly hurts a little bit, but the Buckeyes won’t be fretting.