Ohio State football: Justin Fields’ best fit of the top five draft teams

With the NFL draft being one of the next big events in all of football, it is time to see the graduating Ohio State football team members take the next step in their football lives into the NFL.

In the most recent NFL mock draft from NFL.com, Daniel Jeremiah predicted that there would only be one Buckeye selected in the first round. The one Ohio State football team member of course being quarterback Justin Fields.

Fields is seen as the second or third best quarterback in this draft class that is loaded with quarterback talent. There are a handful of teams early in the draft looking to find their franchise quarterback and it is almost impossible that Fields will make it past the first five picks of the draft.

The teams with the top five picks this year are the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Out of the teams selecting in the top five, the Atlanta Falcons will be the best fit for Justin Fields. They are moving onto a new chapter as a franchise. Because of this, they are letting go of the old and embracing the new. This is what would lead them to draft Fields.

The only major roadblock in the way of the Falcons being the perfect fit for Fields is that Matt Ryan is still on the roster. It is likely that he will not be with the Falcons for too much longer as they are actively shopping him on the trade market.

Once Ryan is off of the roster, Fields will have a plethora of weapons around him. The first and most obvious would be Julio Jones. Jones is arguably one of the best receivers in the league along with the best receiver of the past five seasons. He is a big target that is able to moss defenders and catch anything close to him.

Along with this, Calvin Ridley has the opportunity of being the number one receiver for the Falcons this season. Even being in the discussion of being the primary receiver on a team with Julio Jones speaks for itself. Ridley is a speed demon and a deep ball threat.

Todd Gurley II is another player who will take the weight of the offense off of Fields’ shoulders during his rookie season. Although he has not been the same player since he received an enormous contract extension from the Los Angeles Rams, Gurley still has the potential to finally have a bounce-back season and become a powerhouse back once again.

Although the Falcons do not have the strongest offensive line or defense, the Falcons would provide Fields with the most weapons on offense than any other team that has a chance to draft him. He would do exactly what he did for the Ohio State football team and lead the Falcons to many victories.