Ohio State football: Would the Big Ten move games around?

We have seen multiple positive COVID-19 tests around college football and the NFL. The NFL has moved games to odd days to accommodate this. Would the Big Ten consider doing the same thing?

Ohio State and the rest of the Big Ten will finally start their season next weekend. They will then proceed to play nine games in nine consecutive weeks. No teams get a bye week. That could be a problem with the amount of positive COVID-19 tests that we have already seen around football.

The SEC will have to move its first game because of COVID-19. The Big 12 and ACC have already had teams do the same. These conferences have built-in buffer weeks for their schedule to do this though. The Big Ten does not. In fact, it seems like it would be a big problem if a team got a COVID-19 outbreak.

The NFL has had issues with this as well and has gotten creative with the schedule. They have moved games to Monday and even played a Tuesday game this week. They are trying to get every single game in. Could the Big Ten do something similar this season?

It would make sense for the conference to do everything they possibly can to get a game in. This is especially true since they were dumb enough to start the season too late to have built-in buffer weeks. Even so, these are still student-athletes who have school obligations first.

Because of that fact, I highly doubt the conference would move a game to the middle of the week to accommodate a team that has a high infectious rate. It’s easier to make professionals do it since they get paid for playing while college players do not.

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Teams like Ohio State will just have to hope that they are super careful to not get infections. It truly might be the only way they can play all of their games this season and be eligible for a national championship.