Ohio State football: Buckeyes will be watching week 1 closely

Even though Ohio State isn’t playing football today, they will be watching to see how week 1 goes very closely.

Last week wasn’t really a full slate of games. It was a lot of smaller colleges and universities playing against each other. This week will be the first week where major programs take the field. Even though Ohio State isn’t one of them, they will be watching closely.

They will be watching to see if the games can go off without a hitch. Virginia Tech’s game scheduled for September 19 already been postponed after COVID cases spiked in the county where the university is located. That is something to watch in the weeks ahead.

The ACC, SEC, and Big 12 have weeks built-in for this exact reason. This is why they started the season at a normal time. They knew that there would be weeks like this so they built a cushion in so they can still play a full schedule while keeping everyone safe.

The Big Ten had a chance to do the exact same thing. Instead, we know how stupid they decided to act. Buckeye players will be waiting to see if other conferences are able to pull off a season. The Big Ten now has a medical subcommittee presenting them info and could re-vote as soon as tomorrow.

If these games go well today, that coupled with the new rapid testing that the conference has access to might be enough to get them to reverse course on canceling the season. All of that is predicated on week 1 going well enough that teams don’t need to cancel games.