Ohio State football: Big Ten has missed their window

There were rumors of a re-vote happening over the weekend about reversing course on the Big Ten Fall football season. Now it looks as though Ohio State has missed their title window.

Ohio State did their best. They tried to rally parents, players, and fans to get the Big Ten to change their minds about not playing football this Fall. Nebraska did it too. Yet despite all of the noise that was made, the Big Ten has let their window slip away.

If the Big Ten was going to reverse course and play this Fall, they would have had to of voted on it this past weekend. That would have given teams a month to prepare for the season that could have started on October 10th. Instead, they sat on their hands and did nothing.

Now it looks as though Ohio State has missed their national title window. Starting in early to mid-October is the only chance the Buckeyes had at getting a look from the selection committee to play in the College Football Playoff. Now that won’t happen.

It takes a month for players to get into enough shape to play football games at a high level safely. Unless practices start up again sometime this week, that October 10 date won’t happen. You would have thought it would have made sense for teams to start practicing at the beginning of this week as opposed to the end if they wanted to hit that date.

Because of a rush to judgment, the Big Ten will be the laughingstock of college football all season long. While the Pac-12 came out and gave specific reasons for canceling their season, the Big Ten still has only given vague reasons to do the same.

It’s disappointing that this is the reality that we have to accept as Buckeye fans. This team really could have been something special.