Ohio State football: Big Ten is run by a bunch of cowards

Ohio State won’t get to play football this Fall and its because the conference it’s in is run by a bunch of cowards.

The Big Ten conference has been taking a bunch of heat following their decision to cancel all Fall sports. They haven’t been transparent at all about the reasons for doing so. There were rumors of a re-vote but nothing has happened yet as far as that goes.

The reason why there hasn’t been a re-vote or any transparency for the original decision is that the conference is run by a bunch of cowards. Kevin Warren is a spineless commissioner that has cowered behind a supposed secret vote by the presidents of the universities.

It also shows the cowardice of the presidents of the universities as well. They have let Warren take the bulk of the heat for the decision to cancel football. No one has come out and given a formal statement as to who voted for what. No one has taken any accountability.

Ohio State deserves better leadership from their conference. They have been very open with their desire to play football and the rest of the Fall sports. They also have given discernable reasons for wanting to play sports by backing it up with facts about their testing protocol.

The same can’t be said for the rest of the universities in the Big Ten. Besides Nebraska, no one else has helped Ohio State get the conference to change their minds. It would be easier for fans to accept if other universities actually came out and gave solid evidence and reasons for cancellation.

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Leadership has never failed harder in the Big Ten conference. Because of its lack of leadership, the conference is the laughingstock of the college football world. Their lack of leadership has cost the conference millions of dollars and student-athletes their chance to compete.

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