Ohio State Football: Big Ten to re-vote about Fall season

Recent reports suggest Ohio State could in fact play college football this fall, but if they hope to compete in the CFP, the Big Ten must work quickly.

After last year’s disappointing 29-23 loss to Clemson in the CFP Semifinal (Fiesta Bowl), Ohio State was primed to be one of the four teams to make the 2020-21 College Football Playoff. But when the Big Ten decided to cancel their fall season, those dreams came crashing down.

Recent developments, including a White House call between President Trump and Kevin Warren, have brightened hopes for a Big Ten season to kick-off this fall, perhaps as early as Oct. 10. This is a welcome alternative to the questionable late November start time being pushed just earlier this week.

However, for this sooner start time to take place, the Big Ten must work quickly for Ohio State (and other Big Ten teams) to have a shot at the CFP. As one of the pre-season favorites to make the playoffs, a start date of Oct. 10 would be a godsend for Ohio State.

Now, even the president of The Ohio State University, Kristina Johnson, sees a “path to football in the fall.” After what has been a pessimistic off-season, hope is finally on the horizon for the Buckeyes to take the field this fall.

With just over a month to go before the proposed start date, scheduling is at the forefront as rumors swirl around a re-vote as early as Friday to decide if (and how) the Big Ten will proceed with football this fall.

(The previous vote is documented to have gone 11-3 in opposition to playing football this fall, Ohio State being one of the three, with Nebraska and Iowa, to vote in favor.)

Once the vote determines how many teams will participate in a Big Ten season, the next step is relatively simple but logistical: determine the schedule. The most likely number of games played will be 8, giving flexibility in the 10 weeks between Oct. 10 and the updated CFP final rankings, which will be released on Dec. 20.

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5 weeks stand between now and the weekend of Oct. 10, which should be plenty of time for the Big Ten to work out a schedule and proper health protocols to give Ohio State an opportunity to get back on the field and fight for a spot in the CFP.